The Carfolks Kitchen

Where there’s cars and trucks there is always good food nearby.  Whether you’re cooking up some barbecue for a tailgate party at Talladega Speedway, preparing a meal for a family picnic to enjoy after church, or just driving to the local farmers market to gather some fresh fruits and vegetables for supper; your neighbors along with our family and friends will be whipping up some great meals in the Carfolks Kitchen . . . and naturally we’ll share recipes and tips on how to prepare some delicious home cooked meals.

In most homes, families are known for having good discussions around the kitchen table. It’s a place where we can talk about any topic that comes up.  In the Carfolks Kitchen we’ll not only have some good conversations related to vehicles but Edie Hand, noted cookbook author, television celebrity, speaker and a Mom will share some of her stories and recipes too.  We’ll have some noted guests and Carfolks neighbors join Edie and we know the conversations will be upbeat and informative.

Naturally our viewing audience is invited to be part of these conversations and can send us questions and recipes for us to share.  If we don’t have time to cover everything in a show segment you’ll find additional videos and information on the Carfolks website.

See ya at supper and enjoy the day.